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midterm part 1 - Hello Everyone As you know we have been...

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Hello Everyone, As you know we have been selected to work as a group. We have deadlines that need to be met. We will be communicating mostly by email amongst each other, so I would suggest checking your inbox frequently. It would be a good idea to have a teleconference the first Monday of each month so everyone can share as a group. Communication is going to be the key to being successful especially since we will be communicating by email and telephone, not in person. We need arrange a meeting using teleconference to set our goals and make an agenda. At the meeting we should discuss how we will effectively complete the tasks by their deadlines. We need to introduce ourselves and figure out what each person’s role should be and what is expected from the group as a whole. We should set some ground rules and makes sure we all know what exactly we are trying to accomplish as a group. We need to make sure we work as an effective group. We need to be aware of what our goal is and where we are in reaching that goal
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