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Lesson 10 Journal

Lesson 10 Journal - each of the situations I had to decide...

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Name: Lauren Palomino Lesson #: 10 Topic or Concept: Effective Delivery Part I: A description of the communication situation. When I had to use the 3 different delivery situation of the commercial I had to use effective delivery. Part II: An evaluation of the communication skill(s) you observed or used. Why were the skills effective? Why not? I had to rehearse using different rate, volume, pitch, and language adaption that changed with
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Unformatted text preview: each of the situations. I had to decide what I needed to do exactly for each of them. Part III: Ideas for improving the communication skills in the future based on the materials presented in the lessons thus far. I could of not been so nervous and emphasize a little more on the deliveries of each of them....
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