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Lesson 9 Journal - the new product which made it easier to...

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Name: Lauren Palomino Lesson #: 9 Topic or Concept: Supporting Materials and Organization Part I: A description of the communication situation. I went to see speakers with co-workers regarding a new product that was coming to the store. Part II: An evaluation of the communication skill(s) you observed or used. Why were the skills effective? Why not? It was well organized and the method it was delivered was extemporaneous. They had handouts and samples of the new product for use to try. This was effective because we were able to sample
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Unformatted text preview: the new product which made it easier to sell to customers. Part III: Ideas for improving the communication skills in the future based on the materials presented in the lessons thus far. I would suggest maybe giving us filers to take back with us to pass on to the customers and maybe we could of gave samples out to them too. . I also printed out a few screen shots so they could visualize what I was discussing...
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