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Lesson 7 Journal

Lesson 7 Journal - totals and ads/promotions Yes they were...

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Name: Lauren Palomino Lesson #: 7 Topic or Concept: Group Problem Solving Part I: A description of the communication situation. Having an effective agenda more likely to have a successful meeting or group function. Department Manager weekly meetings which each manager had to know their dept totals and discussed upcoming ads/promotions. Part II: An evaluation of the communication skill(s) you observed or used. Why were the skills effective? Why not? We all knew exactly what the purpose of the meetings were so we all came prepared with our
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Unformatted text preview: totals and ads/promotions. Yes they were effective and it made the meeting go a lot quicker and organized. Part III: Ideas for improving the communication skills in the future based on the materials presented in the lessons thus far. An idea might be to just have one person read off the dept. totals because it would take less time then each dept. manager taking a turn to read theirs....
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