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26 and 1 - Notes

26 and 1 - Notes - Soldeir has many affairs with women but...

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26 & 1 - 26 men patted dough – made biscuits and cakes o Called cheats by their proprietor o Never ate the biscuits - Abused each other very seldom - All 26 started singing - Embroidery shop on 2 nd floor of house – all girl workers o 1 worker = 16yr old Tanya o Tanya stopped downstairs for biscuits every morning…also gave her advices - Proprietor also with a shop for white bread separated by a wall o 4 people worked there; called the “ bulochniks ” – considered themselves better than all else o One was fired and a ex-soldier was hired Soldiers asks how many girls work here (9) Bicut makers want to make sure he doesn’t do any harm to Tanya
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Unformatted text preview: Soldeir has many affairs with women, but not with Tanya; makes a bet with the Pavel The Baker that he will have sex with Tanya within 2 weeks o Learned from the bulochniks that the soldier began to court Tanya Propritor added 14 poods of dough a day to work of men o Tanya kept coming every morning for biscuits-Biscuit makers see the Soldier come out of a cell, then Tanya o Biscuit makers hiss and bawl at her o “She had robbed us; she belonged to us” o She calls the biscuit makers “Miserable Prisoners”...
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