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A Woman's Kingdom - Notes - -Tchalikov comes to visist but...

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A Woman’s Kingdom – Notes - Anna Akimovna (factory owner) won an appeal for 1,500 roubles and now wanted to give them away - Nazaritch = manager of the factory - Anna reads begging letters o Would usually distribute in small sums 475 roubles - Anna decides to pick out 1 letter and give them all 1,500 o Picked a letter written by Tchalikov – going to take $ herself o Bad smell, realizes his wife isn’t sick like letter says, so going to leave 25 roubles for medicine and a letter to send for a doctor to come o Another lodger at the home works at Anna’s factory He has photographs of Anna and her father Lodger = Pimenov; takes Anna to door as she is leaving - Anna’s maid = Masha (red hair) – in love with Mishenka (footman) - Anna skipps church on Christmas o People come visit her, including Pimenov She finds out he fixes clocks; gives him her watch to fix Anna likes Pimenov but afraid to tell him! - Anna = lonely - Anna tells Mishenka he should marry Masha b/c she is going to leave her a dowry
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Unformatted text preview: -Tchalikov comes to visist but Anna has him leave-Lawyer = Viktor Nikolaitch; has him stay for dinner o Follows Anna to her study; tells her to read Maupassant o Anna wants Viktor to love her, but he is 42 o Gave the lawyer all the rest of the money she had not given to Tchalikov-Anna convinced that if Pimenov loved her, she would marry him with pleasure-Plays a game of kings with her aunt; talks about how hard it is to find a good husband o Better to be an old maid or a widow? o Anna says she would marry a working man, but other people realize she isn’t just saying that as part of the game o Says that she would marry Pimenov and everyone laughs Goes to room….realizes what she has said about marrying a workingman is nonsense…assures all she was joking-Anna and Masha crying at end……”We are fools”...
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