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A Beggar Brought to Ruin - Mr. Vojtisek was a beggar – shaved only Sundays – was as strong as an ox - Mr. Schimmer = fat policeman - Mr. Vojtisek was 80 years old…. o No common beggar – quite clean o Would beg all morning, then stop at St. Nicholas’s for 11:30 mass o Only person who refused him was the innkeeper at narrator’s house – Mr. Herzl - In June, Mr. Vojtisek had a conversation with a beggar woman – ‘Mother Millions’ o Mr. Vojtisek stares at Mother Millions’s missing tooth o Mother Millions wants to have a relationship with Mr. Vojtisek but he wants none of it - Rumor starts spreading that Mr. Vojtisek isn’t poor – has 2 houses, 2 daughters o His fate is reversed – everyone turns him away with reference to bad times o His bright smile is gone - Mr. Herzl asks Mr. Vojtisek for 20,000 because he thinks he is rich o Mr. Vojtisek’s response: “But I’ve been an honest man all my life” - Mr. Vojtisek never begged in Mala Strana again o Would just sit at the entrence of a church
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