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Dies Irae (Up to pg. 201) - Notes - Stevko Straka visits the Richtar’s ( Zima ) house with a letter from the magistrate o Letter brings new difficulties and expenses for the village o Away from his wife a lot o Notices how the Richtar’s daughter – Evka – is beautiful - As Richatar about to go for more wheat, Jurko Sykoras smiles at Evka; their love grew - Richtarka = Katerna ; things Jurko is a great young man - Jurko’s dad = Old Sykora = a terrible grouch o Jurko’s doesn’t like his father’s house o Old Sykora is a penny pincher; Durdula gossips about how he has a ton of wheat at home from last year Also tells Richtarka that her husband is cheating on her with Masliacka - Old Sykora over for dinner; talks with Richtar about building a new hospital o Old Sykora doesn’t support it because it costs money! - Richrarka wants Evka and Jurko to get marries already! - Richarka tells Richtar he doesn’t love her anymore; tells him she found out about Masliacka o She doesn’t want Evka to find out
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