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Dies Irae - Notes 2

Dies Irae - Notes 2 - -Jurko thinks everyone is lying to...

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2 nd Half of Story - Jurko is sick; got cholera o Keeps on asking for his father; Richtarka said they sent for himbut he wasn’t home o Father is mourning over the money he lost with Mojzis - Jurko tells Evka to go away because he was ashamed to be seen by her - Sykora afraid of everything now o Thinks he sees a fire at his house, but it was just burning straw above the village o Decides to move his money from the attics to the granary - Sykora believes the Lord is punishing Jurko - Evka goes to see Masliachka and asks her to tell Sykora that he should visist his son. o Evka and Masliachka bond and hug o Evka tells Richtarka she was at Masliachka’s and she is not happy - Durdula caring for orphaned children - Sheep was stolen from the salas - Richtar believed he needed to avoid his own daughter, take his own life, got angry at Masliachka and told her she destroyed his child and made her sick o Evka came in and her and her father were happy again o Evka went to remind Masliachka of her promise
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Unformatted text preview: -Jurko thinks everyone is lying to him and that no one even went to his father-Sykora’s barley and money had been stolen by thieves o Thought he would find the money hidden in the Richtar’s cupboard o Tells the Richtar he wants to go house to house looking for it, starting at the Richtar’s house first – found nothing suspicious o Realizes he’s too old to begin saving again o Talks with a woman with a hoe going to dig some potatoes for her children Asks her what she is good for, and she tells him she is good for taking care of her children o Sykora gets mad at himself for forgetting he has children and not enjoying them o “Ran to the Richtar’s to see if his son was still alive and to show his fatherly heart” o Tells Jurko that he wants to be with his children from now on o Makes good with the Richtar – “it’s as if it never happened” – become family – there was peace...
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