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Poor Dead Barbora - Notes - Poor Dead Barbora- Barbora much...

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Unformatted text preview: Poor Dead Barbora- Barbora much taller than Matysek o Barbora=Barka – was a woman – always content with everything- Matysek would get teased by kids while csrving wood, so Barka would tear a branch off a tree and go chasing after them- Barbora worked on a farm – worked very hard- People laughed that these 2 were a couple- No girl ever wanted to dance with Matysek- Barka wants to some day go to Vamberice – her dead mother went there to sacrifice to the Virgin and she prayed for Barka to inherit her character- People kept on asking the 2 when they would get married- Barka’s cousin dies (her daughter and husband were also dead), so Barka gets a house, orchard, green jacket with yellow trim, etc. o Neither needed to ever work as servants again- Barka’s farmer told her she was too good for Matysek now; he still has nothing- Matysek tells Barka he is going to finally arrange for their wedding bans- Barka also inherited a hired woman with 4 children; she liked them… Matysek did not...
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