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Written This Year on All Souls’ Day - Miss Mary goes to Kosire Cemetary on All Souls’ Day and follows a girl around, exchanges wreaths on 2 graves - Miss Mary with 1 friend – Miss Luiza (widow of Mr Nocar) o Nocar usually comes to visit Mary but today Mary goes to visist her - Miss Mary learned her fate in a dream – death took her from a ball and carried her off o Ever since the dream, she has known that she can never marry - Mary was decent financially….was fat - From Mala Strana o Men here were worthless - Cibulka (merchant) and Rechner (engraver) o Go out drinking together o Went to parish school with Miss Mary - Miss Mary receives letter from Cibulka asking to marry….then gets letter from Rechner asking to marry o Marry doesn’t know what to do o Rechner withdraws his proposal when he finds out his friend sent a letter – choice is now easier for Mary o BUT, now Cibuka renounces Miss Nocar tries to tell Mary he will change his mind Mary’s dreams returned - Rechner dies of consumption and Cibulka of pneumonia soon later
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