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The Assistant Teacher – Notes - Had to get an assistant teacher b/c narrator’s father losing his hearing and eyesight…can’t teach anymore o Asked his friend, Sumos, to send his sone to teach at the parrish school - Kanta = maid/helper at the house - They chose the narrator’s room to set Sumo’s son up in o Narrator wants the assistant teacher to fall in love with her even before meeting him o Jealous of him – knows he will get a lot of attention at home - Narrator teaches children until Sumo and his son come o When they come, narrator sees that Ivan Somos is very ugly Narrator becomes disappointed and miserable - Narrator wants her friend, Esta, to visit her - Ivan says he leaves his window open because the stove smokes - Narrator annoyed that Ivan yawns every time he talks to her - Esta visits with her father’s assistant teacher, Ludovit o Ludovit is very handsome o Narrator tells Ivan people want to see him but he said they should come to him - Ivan keeps staring at the narrator
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