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The Death of Ivan - Notes

The Death of Ivan - Notes - The Death of Ivan Peter...

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The Death of Ivan - Peter Ivanovich announces that Ivan Ilych has died o People just thought about the changes and promotions it might bring - Peter visits Ivan’s corpse, crosses himself repeatedly while bowing o Sees an expression of disapproval from dead Ivan – like a warning - Peter sees and Schwartz who wants him to come over and play bridge - Widow = Praskovya , gets her shawl caught o Seeking how to squeeze the most possible $ out of the government - Ivan screamed for the past 3 days - Ivan was unexceptional, commonplace - Goes to law school, works in many different provinces - When wife becomes pregnant, tries to escape from unpleasantness, transferring more and more attention to professional life - Passed over for the promotion, so goes to St. Petersburg where he is awarded a higher paying position - Mounting a stepladder to hang drapes, slips and bangs side against window frame - Making his house nice is very important to him - Experiences discomfort in his left side and an unusual taste in his month o Doctors first say it’s a floating kidney or appendicitis….each doctor diagnoses his illness differently
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