The Dream of a Ridiculous Man - Notes

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man - Notes - earlier that night...

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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man - Notes - Narrator wandering streets of St. Petersburg o Is a madman and is ridiculous o Realizes that nothing really matters to him anymore o Buys a revolver and has been trying to commit suicide for the past 2 months – going to shoot himself in the head - Sees a star and then a little girl comes towards him crying – something is wrong with her mother; shakes her away o Feels guilt for what he did to the girl o Falls asleep in a chair in his house and has a dream - Fears the captin who lives by him - In the dream, he shoots himself in the heart…in a cold grave, water begins dropping down on his eyelids o He begs for forgiveness o Someone pulls the narrator out of his grave…takes him through space to a planet that resembles earth – Greek Island (on the way there he sees the same star he saw
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Unformatted text preview: earlier that night) Amazed at how good the people of the island are; knowledgeable, scientific, no sign of cruelty But soon, narrator begins teaching the good, kind people how to lie and corrupts them, causing war, murder, slavery, mocking the righteous Narator pleads with the people, begging for martyrdom (they were going to lock him up in a mad house if he did not keep quiet)-Narrator wakes up a changed man, thankful for life – his lesson is to “love others like yourself”-Learned the ‘Truth”; his resolution is to preach the truth to thers; Truth saved him and showed him the way-At the end, he says that he “found the little girl”...
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