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The Queen of Spades - Notes

The Queen of Spades - Notes - The Queen of Spades Notes...

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The Queen of Spades - Notes - Narumov = Host o Surin says at supper that he keeps losing (playing too cautiously) o Hermann never touched a card in his life, but would watch others o Tomsky doesn’;t understand why his grandmother never gambles His grandmother lost a lot of money gambling to the Duke of Orleans; her husband wuldn’t pay her debts, so she asked her friend – Count Saint-Germain – who had a lot of money Saint-Germain told her she could win back the money; he told her three cards to play; she played them against the Duke and won back her money ( She can predict cards in sequence ) Didn’t tell any of her sons the secret; only told Chaplitsky when he was in despair because of youthful foolishness - Grandmother = old Countess o Paul Tomsky tells her about dancing with Yeletskaya (the Countess knew her grandmother, but she died and this was kept secret from her), and asks the Countess if he can bring a friend to the ball Wants to introduce Narumov (in the calvery) -
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