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Wild Bara - Notes

Wild Bara - Notes - -Miss Pepinka with a husband picked out...

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- Jakub = Herdsman- lives with daughter Bara (only child) o Got the idea that if he died without children he wouldn’t go to heaven, so married Bara, and had a girl named Bara o Wife with accident (outside of sitting room at noon) – Noon Witch comes; took baby from cradle and made it a ‘wild child’ - Bara was strongest goal in village o Was made fun of, but when got older others didn’t dare o Noon witch must have taken power over her o People would try calling her Wild Bara to make her angry o Helps Dad herd, learns to swim o Didn’t fear anything o People believed she was protected by supernatural powers - Loved only by Elska (priests niece) and Josifek (sexton’s son) o She lost all respect for liking the Sexton’s wife (Mrs. Wolf) o Much better and more comforting at the priest’s Miss Pepinka = Priest’s sister - Josifek leaves town for school; Elska to Prague o Miss Pepinka goes to Prrague to get Elska o Elska comes back pretty…becomes known as Miss Elska - Sexton’s wife mad b/c they don’t think their son wants to become a priest
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Unformatted text preview: -Miss Pepinka with a husband picked out for Elska – The Baliff-Elsa & Bara throw a wreath into water, but Bara’s gets stuck in a tree o Elsa: “We will stay together if you don’t marry- then I won’t marry either”-Elsa loves the doctor from Prague ( Mr. Hynek )-Ghost seen in the woods o Scares The Baliff o Realizes Bara was the ghost….admits what she did to the Priest….sentenced to spend a night at the cemetery Gets upset because the village starts taking her father’s work away-Elsa being forced to marry the Baliff-Bara loves The Forester-At the cemetery, Jakub and her dog meet her there to spend the night o Forester also came there…asks for her hand in marriage-Elsk’a aunt now OK wither her marrying the physicans who had cured her sickness-Bara learns that Josifek loved her, but now that she was taken he was going to be a priest-Bara sees the wreath she threw on St. John’s Day on a tree at the Forester’s house...
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