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10.14 HS Notes - - - - - The Other Middle Ages: Byzantium...

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“The Other Middle Ages: Byzantium and the Islamic World” - Eastern half of Dicoletion’s tetrarchy o Roman empire with 3 parts: Western part, Byzantine Part (eastern Half), and Islamic Empire (that takes birth in part of Eastern Empire and knocks on the doors of the West) o Byzantine Empire (600) - Constantine founds Constantinople in Byzantium; in 324, moves capital of Roman empire to Byzantium o Power balance shifts to the East; powerful emperors now in the East o Constantinople also called Rome; people who lived there thought of themselves as Roman; Rome was where the empire was! o Constantinople completed by 330; fully developed - Several great emperors of Eastern Empire o Justinian – rules Eastern half of empire from 527-565 Born a present in Croatia Military gave him opportunities and rose to power;was not from an aristocratic family married Theodora – a famous Eastern actress; she never ruled on her own but was his #1 advisor on religious issues Had imperial ambitions in the West; wanted to retakes lands that had fallen to Germanic tribes and re-incorporate them into Rome Retakes most of Italy from Ostrigoths at puts a capital in Ravenna Tries to conquer Spain; overall, was somewhat successful but not really
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10.14 HS Notes - - - - - The Other Middle Ages: Byzantium...

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