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10.19 HS Notes

10.19 HS Notes - Benedictine Monasticism Writes rule in...

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Benedictine Monasticism - Writes rule in about 540 - The form of monastic life for about 500 years in the West o Dominates in Europe, and it is still with us today o 500 years after Benedict’s life, monasticism starts taking on different forms Carthusians were one order that developed; no one knew what it was like except Carthusian monks who left the order Carthusians let a film crew in to document their life – they don’t speak unless in special meetings Get together 8 times a day outside of mass to pray the divine office; have one communal meal a week, otherwise they have ‘chapters’ - 2 things fundamental in understanding pre-modern religion o Cosmology (conception/study of the universe) 3 features: 1) Natural world testifies to divine purpose and action (catifiler turning into butterfly is a work of only God – God-like figure is active in the world 2) God was implicated in the very existence of society (society only can exist with some sort of God as a foundation – idea of natural law….there are certain laws which constitute moral
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