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10.21 HS Notes - - - Germanics, Byzantine, Islamic with...

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- Germanics,, Byzantine, Islamic with similarities; paralleled dynamics o All think of themselves as being chosen by God o Each interacted with the Roman past; o Purpose of governor to be the salvation of its people o Each considered its ruler to be divinely appointed; agent of God o All 3 with contact with each other; traded - Islam and the Franks o Nobody saw it coming o After Mohamed’s birth and death transforms known world o Begins in Arabian peninsula ; desolate place People here were nomads Society organized into different tribes There were cities, people who lived in cities were not Nomads o Muhammad born in 570 in Mecca (not a Nomad) Comes from the Quarysh tribe Did what ambitious men from the city did – went into trade - Traded with China and India…etc. Reputation for being trustworthy and honest; became financial advisor to old woman named Khadija and they become marries Habit of going out into mountains by himself and praying in caves / meditating o No single religion in Arabia at the time o Angel Gabriel shows up and starts dictating to him the word of God – Quran Teaches other of the religion Gabriel tells him; radically monotheistic with a strong emphasis on ethics Muhammad was NOT considered divine (NOT like Jesus); greatest sin is to associate someone with God in Islam Muhammad Is considered the last of the 5 prophets [Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus] – think Jesus was a prophet…will return to judge the living and the dead…believe he was born from a virgin Muhammad is the seal of the prophets 1 st converts were his family…becomes very controversial in Mecca for preaching a radically controversial message Trading was big in Mecca, but so was pilgrimage; Kabba had been corrupted and become a shrine to every known deity in the Arabian peninsula o Meca people were uncomfortable b/c people were coming from all over to pray in the Kabba o Muhammad told to leave, journeys to Medina ; journey is called the hijra Medina invited Muhammad to come; considered to be the 1 st Ummah – 1 st Muslim community/society is founded In Mecca was just a sect, but now a universal religion o In 630, comes back to Mecca and cleanses the idols Kabba….recognizes it as a corrupted holy place o Goes back to Medina where he dies o Islam based on Five Pillars (5 fundamentals) Orthopraxy – “right practice” No Church/institution; very decentralized No Rituals (water, oil, etc) Surrender to the 1 God (Allah) – Following the straight path #1 Profession of faith which you surrender to the 1 God (Prayer of faith)
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10.21 HS Notes - - - Germanics, Byzantine, Islamic with...

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