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10.26 HS Notes - Charlemagne and the Carolingian...

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Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance - Carolingians – name for Charlemagne’s family o Aristocratic family; Marovingians were always fighting with each other about who should be the most powerful, which led to the Carolingians coming to power o Earned the loyalty of the people o Multiple Frankish kingdoms, but 1 Frankish people o AD 600 o Became most powerful non-king-like figure Became mayor of the place for the kingdom of Austrasian Like being the Prime Minister; most powerful figure other than the King o King’s servants were powerful people o 5 Factors into how they became so powerful : Came to control vast territories of land throughout Frankish kingdom Good at marrying strategically…alliances with other powerful aristocratic families Monopolized most powerful office in the kingdom other than the king (mayor of the palace ) – huge influence over king and army Strong ties to bishops, abbots, and popes (the church) Great military leaders; led the frontier armies for the Marovingian kings Charles Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne) – “Charles the Hammer” – dies in 741 Famous for a victory in Southern France at Poitiea; Mayor of the King’s palace By 739, controls almost all of land in Southern and Western France Son = Pippin the Short (768) – also holds position of mayor of the palace o When he is in this position, Carolingians most powerful family in France o Sends envoys to ask the pope if the man who holds all the power should be the king; king agrees that most powerful family should be king Looks to church to give blessing so he couldn’t be accused of doing something unnatural Deposes the king, and in 751, crowned by St. Boniface (most powerful bishop in Germany – converted Germanic tribes in the East – famous missionary)
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10.26 HS Notes - Charlemagne and the Carolingian...

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