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11.9 HS Notes - - - - - Intellectual Life in the High...

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Intellectual Life in the High Middle Ages - Developments during High Middle Ages: o Logic replaces grammar in the heart of studies o Universities emerge 9replace monasteries as primary place of learning) o Rise of gothic cathedral; presentation of learning through architecture o Vernacular languages become increasingly used in literature - - Anselm of Canterbury (1076) (1033-1109) – becomes the archbishop of Cantebery o Most famous for Ontological Argument – “The Being argument” – God is that that which nothing greater can be conceived) - Tries to prove God’s existence – God is a being for which nothing greater can be thought of – Does not appeal to scripture! Does not use the bible as his proof! Blows the lid off the way religious philosophers start talking about the way God exists New way of intellectually arguing in which logic replaces the Bible’s authority – new sense of scholasticism – Now in an age of reason! Old way to prove an argument was to pile on as many scriptiual quotations as possible, and the more you had the stronger your argument Yet still remains an age of faith – “Faith Seeking Understanding ” – I believe so that I can understand. Belief and faith are still the foundation that knowledge can be built on But using the tools of logic to prove your point ins enhanced by a rediscovery of Aristotle by Latin Christian thinkers Between 350-and 900, Persian scholars translated Aristotle into Arabic o Avicenna (Ibn-Sina) (980-1037) – interested in trying to understand relationship between things that actually exist in the world and things that can only ecist in the mindl; becomes very influential in West o Averroes (Ibn Rushd) – Islamic Spaniard (1126-1198) – from Cortiba – goal to understand what kinds of truths can be acquired by reason and what kinds required divine revalations; wrote many commentaries on Aristotle o Maimonides (Moses ben Maximon) – Jewish Spaniard – from Cortiba (1135-1204)
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11.9 HS Notes - - - - - Intellectual Life in the High...

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