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12.2 HS Notes - Age of Reformation II(Protestant...

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Age of Reformation II (Protestant Reformation Continued) - John Calvin – (1509-1564) famous for emphasizing predestination – will spend eternity in heaven or hell o The other pillar of 16 th century protestant theology o Was a French speaker, not a German speaker o Father obtained a clerical position for him allowing him to pay tuition to go to a university where he decided to be a lawyer Encountered Protestantism in France while studying Even more so influenced by Humanism than Luther o Becomes interested in Protestant ideas and starts teaching about them; invited by city of Geneva to come in and assist it with its own protestant reformation But its decided he’s too strict, so he goes to Strausburg o In 1541, called back to Geneva; in charge of creating a holy commonwealth in the city; there was a sense that the city was responsible for the salvation and morality of its people; governed the city with the Consistory – emphasis on maintaining order Made up of ministers of church and laymen (men of city) If it’s found out you believed in something different than what was taught you could be severely punished o Calvin’s key writing is the Institutes of Christian Religion (1536) – in Classical Latin 1 st great protestant textbook for theology; gives intellectual authority to Protestantism Systematic reflection of Christian Doctrine; based on basic teachings of Christians – “Our Father Prayer”, Apostle’s Creed, etc. Written for ministers/ university professors / people with leadership positions o Key for understanding Calvin’s theology is chasim between “God’s power over the universe, and Human’s poverty” If humans have any say in this it could hurt God’s power T – Total Depravity – man is utterly sinful U – Unconditional Election – those who God chooses to be saved are God’s choice – doesn’t
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12.2 HS Notes - Age of Reformation II(Protestant...

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