THIRD WRITTING ASSIGNMENT - DueDecember1,2010before6:00pm...

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Third Writing Assignment Due December 1, 2010 before 6:00pm The topic of your paper will be mycotoxins and how you think they should be regulated in order to minimize the risk to human health. To prepare for this assignment, you should consult the published works described herein. Paste the address below into your browser to find the book entitled: “ Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries Read the section entitled: “ Limits on mycotoxins as trade barriers ”, on pages 107 – 109. In the article entitled: “ Regulations relating to mycotoxins in food ” (Resources > Writing assignments > Three), read from the beginning of the article through the section labeled ‘synopsis’, which ends on page 152, but you can skip the section labeled ‘Analysis’, which begins on page 150 and ends on page 151. You may find it useful to
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THIRD WRITTING ASSIGNMENT - DueDecember1,2010before6:00pm...

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