Assignment 1 - Video 1 The World Is Flat Lecture at MIT by...

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Video 1: The World Is Flat Lecture at MIT by Thomas L. Friedman Megan W. Kave Information Systems 340 Instructor James Woolley March 9, 2011
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Megan W. Kave Review Synopsis: The video opens up with an instructor of MIT introducing Thomas Friedman, author of the book “The World Is Flat.” Friedman opens up with talking about how after 9/11 he started covering the olive tree wars in the Middle East. It was when Presidential hopeful John Kerry was campaigning and making shots at executives outsourcing jobs that Friedman decided to look further into the matter. It was then that he decided to travel to Bangalore, India and research outsourcing. He began by interviewing employees at Infosys, and it was after interviewing several people that Friedman discovered that he had somehow missed the transformation the global economy had undergone. ”I had been sleeping” is what he explained while globalization had been happening. Following his visit to Bangalore Friedman took leave from his job to begin research on globalization. He moved east were he saw outsourcing being done by the Japanese speaking Chinese in the north eastern part of China. From there, he continued east and came to Colorado where he investigated Jet Blue. Jet Blue is a company whose owner is a devote Mormon and believes that if one member of the household stays at home it will be a stronger family; so all phone attendants for the company work from their homes. Finally, Friedman ended up in Washington D.C. where he read an article on McDonalds. Some McDonalds have managed to outsource the drive thru service to a call centers in a different location. All of Friedman’s observations have caused him to come to the conclusion that the world is being flattened and there was three eras of globalization. Globalization 1.0 was different countries globalizing, Globalization 2.0 was different companies globalizing, and Globalization 3.0, our current state, is of individuals globalizing. Then, Friedman starts to describe the ten forces that flattened the world. The ten forces were 11/9 or the fall of the Berlin Wall, 8/9 or when Netscape went public, work flow software, uploading, Y2K or outsourcing, off-shoring, supply-chaining (Walmart), in-sourcing (UPS), in-forming, and the steroids. Friedman then goes into the third chapter of his book called “The Triple Convergence”. The first convergence was of collaboration. Southwest airlines printable online tickets were an example of this collaboration. The second convergence has to do with the new horizontal platform that has been created. The third convergence was when the three large economies of
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Assignment 1 - Video 1 The World Is Flat Lecture at MIT by...

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