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Megan Kave Music Appreciation Assignment 2 I chose to listen to The Four Seasons Violin Concerto in F Minor L'inverno (Winter) by Antonio Vivaldi. It can be found in “Types of Listeners: 3” under “The Perceptive Listener.” It is easy to see this piece through a referential stand point. It is easy for people to relate to the seasons, because no matter where one lives the seasons always change. When one thinks of winter, they think of the cold, the snow, the slow down and quietness because of people staying inside. The movement begins very quiet, almost like when a person walk out the front door of their home and the snow muffles all sounds around them. Then it seems the person steps of the stoop and the biting cold of winter hits them. The strings represent the constant shivering caused by the cold that no matter how many layers one puts on, can never be escaped. The music seems
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Unformatted text preview: best to describe how the body reacts to the cold of winter. The picture I get in my head from this piece is someone walking out in the cold to get somewhere. There are several musical concepts presented in Linverno. The major concept I heard was that of the solo violin. This helped to personify the loneliness of the winter, when everyone is staying inside in order to hide from the cold. The orchestra seems to come in with the intention of being the full force cold of the winter, biting at the soloist and urging them to hurry on to the next warm location. I believe that Vivaldi did very well in giving the listener the idea of the winter cold. He wrote the piece with the intention of the listener thinking of the chilling cold of the winter and used the harsh sounds of the strings in order to establish that connection....
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