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Megan Kave Problem 2-13 Variable Selling Admin. Manufacturing Cost Cost Item or Fixed Cost Cost Direct Indirect Property Taxes, Factory F X Boxes Used for packinging detergent produced by the company V X Salespersons' commissions V X Supervisor's Salary, Factory F X Depreciation, executive autos F X Wages of workers assembling computers V X Insurace, finished goods warehouses F X Lubricants for production Equipment V X Advertising costs
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Unformatted text preview: F X Microchips used in producing calculators V X Shipping costs on merchandise sold V X Magazine subscriptions, factory lunchroom F X Thread in garment factory V X Billing Cost F X Executive life insurance F X Ink used in tetbook production V X Fringe benefits, assembly-line workers F X Yarn used in sweater production V X Wages of receptionist, executive offices F X...
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