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Carter's Foreign Policy

Carter's Foreign Policy - 1 A B C 2 A B C Carter's Foreign...

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1. Carter’s Foreign Policy A. Philosophy - Carter argues that morality will come back - Meant that US would stress human rights abroad - Involve ourselves in 3 rd world development B. Successes- - Panama Canal Treaty - rosevvelt took over land for canal - pct was carter saying how we would return it - didn’t like rosey’s move - panama had to always let neutral ships through - Middle East- Camp David Accords - Carter had come to be friendly with Egyptian pres sadat and Israeli prime minister Begin - Invites the two arch enemies of the middle east arab vs. jewish to camp david - Stayed for almost 2 weeks - Made the Camp David Accords C. Failures - Afghanistan - Soviets invaded it - Carter cuts off grain - Cuts off cpu info - Froze us owned soviet assets - Stopped neg. on salt treaty (strategic arms ____ talk) - Culture boycott - Still unable to make them withdraw - Iranian Hostage Crisis - Pilabi was hated by Iranian - The sha leaves the country - Then gets cancer and asks carter for cancer treatment -
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