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Stephanie Fox ANT 103 4 April 2011 The Red Queen and Other New Maya Tombs Some tombs were looted before archaeologists had the chance to discover what was inside. However, some tombs are still being found of the Mayans. One tomb was found under the stairs of Temple XIII at Palenque. Inside was a huge sarcophagus that was red and had a huge limestone slab sealing it. There were also remains of a woman and a boy next to the sarcophagus that were sacrificed. Inside the tomb were a woman’s remains that were about 30 years old. There were numerous amounts of jade artifacts inside with the woman. The red that was all over the sarcophagus was cinnabar that is mercury oxide that is found in many Maya burials. The woman is thought to be Lady Tz’akaby Ajaw who was Pakal’s wife. A second tomb was found in Guatemala that was from the 2 nd century AD. No skeleton was found inside. However, there were tons of artifacts that were funerary artifacts that were all covered in cinnabar. This tomb is
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