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ANT 103 April 13

ANT 103 April 13 - Stephanie Fox ANT 103 13 April 2011...

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Stephanie Fox ANT 103 13 April 2011 Power and Prestige: Middle Sican Elite Tombs of North Coastal Peru The Sican people lived in Peru during 900-1000AD. One big thing that is associated with this culture is very detailed metallurgy that worked with many metals. The capital of Sican is located in the middle of La Leche river valley. One tomb found in a mound was located on the east side. It is the first tomb to be excavated by archaeologists that hadn’t been previously looted. Inside the tomb were 5 people total. The important figure was in the middle of the room with his head cut off and made to stand up. He was about 40 or 50 years old when he died. There was a vast amount of loot found within this tomb that was made out of copper, gold and bronze. Some of the items like shells were evidence of a trading system within the people who lived around the Sican. The west tomb’s elite buried inside is related to the man in the east tomb. He is also in the center of the room with two women on the side of him. Also, there were two groups of women in a chamber next to the tomb. The two groups these women represented were those who were kin
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