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1 Week 6 Spatial Cognition 2 Importance of Spatial Cognition Human Spatial Activities Navigation Spatial Problem-solving Spatial Databases GIS Image Systems Spatial metaphors Hypermedia; Hypertext Virtual Reality Visualization new 3 Representations, revisited Analog representation is one that in which the representation has the same properties as the external world Propositional representations are assertions that have truth values Differences, if any, are under debate. Still, most researcher support need for such a distinction. Can account for intelligent responses by organisms to their environment new 4 Spatial Knowledge: Outline of Topics Route vs. Survey Knowledge Hierarchical Representations of Space Stevens & Coupe; Hirtle & Jonides; McNamara; Tversky Brain and Spatial Cognition Categorical vs. Metric Applications Hirtle, S. C. & Sorrows, M. E. (2007). Navigation in electronic environments. In G. Allen (Ed.), Applied Spatial Cognition: From Research to Cognitive Technology (pp. 103-126). Mahwah NJ: Erlbaum. updated 5 Route vs. Survey Knowledge Multiple ways of learning an environment From your seat, point to the Wm Pitt Union From your seat, point to the Statue of Liberty Survey knowledge – bird’s eye view often learned from maps Route knowledge – gained from navigating through the environment. updated 6 National Gallery Kiosk Tufte, E. R. 1997, Visual Explanation , Graphics Press, Cheshire, CT. National Gallery in Washington, DC. A detailed three-dimensional map, ( SURVEY ) a sparse set of written instructions, ( ROUTE ) an image of the present location ( IMAGE ) From fixed location to another fixed location in a single display
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7 8 new 9 new 10 11 12 Spatial Representations from
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lec3a.at - Week 6 Spatial Cognition Importance of Spatial...

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