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Unformatted text preview: IS 2300 Week 3 - Attention This week Class project Attention Cell Phones and Driving Univ of Utah Study Carnegie Mellon Study 1 Attention What is meant by attention? Talk about Attending to a lecture (concentration) Attending to a particular conversation in a crowded room (selection) Attending to only so many things at one time (limits in capacity) Driving without paying attention to all the details (automaticity) 2 Casual Fridays -- How interruptable are you? Category: Casual Fridays Posted on: January 16, 2009 1:02 PM, by Dave Munger Last week's Casual Fridays study was supposed to be about distractions and distractibility. Many of us struggle to keep our minds on work when the whole wide internet is available to entertain and inform us. So I wondered: Are people who are more easily distracted by the temptations of the internet actually better-informed? Do they know more about current events, tempted as they are by the incessant flow of news update not just hour by hour, but minute by minute? 3 The answer: not really. We asked respondents several questions about how easily distracted they were, and how much time they spend at work doing non-work-sanctioned activities (such as, perhaps, responding to our survey). Then we quizzed them on recent national and international news events. Were people who spent more time surfing the net better at answering these questions? Nope. 4 And finally, how do readers handle the distraction of the Internet? Here's a summary of this result: 5 Some of the Other responses "Leave my power cord at my girlfriend's house for a few days. I can only use my laptop when I really need it in that case. "Log myself out of, and refuse to save passwords for, the biggest...
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lec3a.atten - IS 2300 Week 3 - Attention This week Class...

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