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Computer Engineering Department Bilkent University CS351/Section 2-3: Data Organization and Management Final Exam Study Guide December 16, 2005 A. Time and Place Information 1. Exam Date: Friday, Dec. 23, 2005 2. Place: BZ01 (for students last name beginning with A-B), Proctor: Esra Ataer BZ02 (for students last name beginning with C-G), Proctor: Engin Demir BZ03 (for students last name beginning with I-Ö), Proctor: Demir Gökalp BZ04 (for students last name beginning with P-T), Proctor: Nil Noyan BZ05 (for students last name beginning with U-Y), Proctor: Ahmet Tolgay Time: 12:15 – 14:15 B. Exam Structure 1. About seven questions 2. Multi section per question 3. By definition the exam is comprehensive (see the syllabus); however, the topics covered after the midterm will be heavily emphasized (about 70%). C. Topics to be tested (an incomplete list)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Topics of the midterm exam 2. B and B+ trees 3. Logical file structures: Inverted files and list structured files 4. Grid files 5. K-d trees (construction, regions, distribution of records among the regions) 6. Database concepts and definitions 7. E-R model: drawing E-R diagram from description of entities and relationships among them, conversion from E-R model to relatonal model or vice versa 8. Relational algebra: you should be able to write queries in this form or if a relational algebra expression and the related relation instances are given you should be able to obtain the result of the expression 9. Simple SQL statement: writing or interpretation D. Additional Note 1. Check out our web site for homework solutions: be critical 2. Section 1 and section 2 & 3 will have separate final exams....
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