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Computer Engineering Department Bilkent University Midterm Exam Study Guide October 21, 2005 A. Time and Place Information 1. Exam Date: October 27, 2005; Thursday 2. Place: G Building (Eski Hazırlık Binası) G210 (for students last name beginning with A-B), Proctor: Esra Ataer G227 (for students last name beginning with C-G), Proctor: Sengör Altıngövde G228 (for students last name beginning with I-Ö), Proctor: Engin Demir G229 (for students last name beginning with P-T), Proctor: Said Kalkan G231 (for students last name beginning with U-Y), Proctor: Aykut Ünal Time: 17:40 – 19:30 B. Exam Structure 1. Seven to eight questions (a rough estimate) 2. Multi section per question 3. All problem solving type 4. Closed book/note exam C. Topics to be tested (an incomplete list) 1. Storage medium (tape and disk) characteristics and I/O time calculations 2. Block vs. Bucket concept 3. Unordered sequential files: time calculation for various file operations (exhaustive
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