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From:  CheckY gal [mailto:[email protected] Sent:  Sunday, October 04, 2009 12:35 AM To:  Loke Kien Wah (HLB) Subject:  Interview questions I am Tiffany Chin from University Utara Malaysia. I represent my group from Business Report Writing Class would like to ask Sir a few questions about Microsoft Window. My group are preparing an evaluation report on the effectiveness of the Microsoft Windows. 1. How do you describe Window XP? It’s a user friendly OS with a short learning curve need to use the system but lack security features 2. How do you describe Window Vista? Required a longer learning curve to able to fully utilized the features. In term of security , it’s more secure than windows xp in 3. Between Window XP and Window Vista, which window has the best stability? Why? If compare just only on OS both have the same stability, but for application then those old application work best in XP. The reason is applications work best in XP because Vista security is more tighten than XP as it closed all default unused port. 4. Which Window has the greatest speed? (Roughly explain ) This is very subjective as this depend on the Hardware specification, for example if the PC with Intel Core 2 CPU and with 2GB memory, XP is run much faster compare to Vista. To have a greater speed with Windows Vista the recommended memory is 4GB. 5. Which Window are easy access and user friendly? (Roughly explain) Windows XP is more user friendly than Vista, reason been is XP is in the market for more than 3 years as compare to Vista. Vista is more secure therefore it hide some of the features that new user may not
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interview question~mail -...

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