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1 )   Colorado cowboys, the southern California “beach crowd”, computer nerds, and wilderness campers all display _______________ patterns.   (2pts)   high cultural   exactly the same   virtual culture   subcultural 2 ) Cultural patterns that are widespread among a society’s population are referred to as:   (2pts)   high culture.   popular culture.   subculture.   counterculture. 3 ) What type of society engages in large-scale farming based on the use of plows drawn by animals or more powerful energy sources?   (2pts)   is entirely positive.   has both positive and negative effects.   is mostly negative in its effects.   is entirely negative. 4 )
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  ___________________ distinguish between right and wrong: ___________________ distinguish between polite and rude.   (2pts)   Mores;folkways   Taboos;mores   Folkways;mores   Prescriptives norms; proscriptive norms
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