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Soc26 - 1.Standards by which people who share culture...

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1 ) .    Standards by which people who share culture define what is desirable, good, and beautiful are called:   (2pts)   folkways   norms   mores   values 2 )   All around the world, what we find everywhere is:   (2pts)   the same ideas about what is right.   people enjoying the same sports.   people creating cultural systems.   the same ideas about what is beautiful and ugly. 3 ) .    Levi’s jeans are much sought after in Russia.    This desire to share in U.S. fashion is an example of:   (2pts)   immigration.   invention.   integration.   diffusion. 4 ) Culture acts as a constraint on human freedom because:  (2pts)
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  much culture is habit and is repeated again and again.   humans cannot create new culture for themselves.   culture discourages change.
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