Soc29 - 1) .Whichofthefollowingconceptsreferstothelifelong

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1 ) . Which of the following concepts refers to the lifelong  social experience by which human beings develop their  potential and learn culture?   (2pts)   socialization   internalization   naturalism   behaviorism 2 ) Carol Gilligan extended Lawrence Kohlberg’s research, showing that:   (2pts)   girls and boys typically use different standards in assessing  situations as right and wrong.   younger girls are more interested in right and wrong than older girls  are.   younger boys are more interested in right and wrong than older boys  are.   the ability to assess situations as right and wrong typically develops  only as young people enter the teenage years. 3 ) George Herbert Mead placed the origin of the self in:   (2pts)   biological drives.
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Soc29 - 1) .Whichofthefollowingconceptsreferstothelifelong

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