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Security Notes 25 October 2010 50% got an A or A- Democratic Peace Normative Theories (Critique) externalize their norms (Rosato) what exactly are these norms? Institutional Theories (accountability) leaders can sometimes be held responsible for wars they Fght, especially losing or costly wars Do authoritarian regimes have mechanisms of accountability? revolt party factionalism Are authoritarian leaders really less accountable than democratic leaders? probability of removal probability of punishment Institutional Theories (constraint) slow mobilization: war requires democratic leaders to mobilize the public for war, which takes time and provides opportunities for con±ict resolution surprise attack: because of their openness, democratic regimes Fnd it hard to attack by surprise, which gives them fewer military options Institutional Theories (accountability, continued) democratic states win most of the wars they Fght Leaders may be held accountable for war (especially losing or costly war) in any
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