1-19-11 - Jan 19 2011 Chronology of Great War politics By...

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Jan. 19, 2011 Chronology of Great War politics By 1500, about 500 independent city-states in Europe between 1500-1800 – dynastic states Process in which state participated with mercenary forces 5 Important Trends a. Constant Interminable Warfare b. Clear separation between state and society c. Dynastic elites that were transnational o Cooperation among elites to put down the people After 1800, consolidation By 1900, down to 20 independent powers Society began to become much more active in wars; society is right along there with the state 21 st century – industrialization Far more material resources 1648-1792: Absolutist Europe, Louis XIV; states are not harnessing all of society’s resources 1792-1815 – French Revolutionary State at war with other states of Europe Wars transformed into Napoleonic War 1815 – Napoleon defeated “The Great Transformation : Europe completely transformed when compared to 1792 Post 1815 French create concept of nationalism to harness societal resources for war In 1793 – France declared liber mass – all able men called to fight No longer just mercenaries, common nationality National allegiance to the state Prior to the “Great Transformation” simply wars of attrition; no total war as mercenaries not devoted ; in 1700s, desertion – no night fights, no flexible units, problems with commander Total war is now possible, new possibilities After 1700s, had limited war, but after 1792…worst possible War for the purpose of manipulating all of society
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1-19-11 - Jan 19 2011 Chronology of Great War politics By...

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