1-24-11 WWI

1-24-11 WWI - WWI BOP Germany and Russia are rising Need to...

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WWI BOP Germany and Russia are rising Need to contain France’s hegemonic aspirations (20 th cent. After Concert of Vienna) o European wealth: o 1830: Britain is always above 50, but if you count the continental powers, they need Britain to contain France o 1870: Germany evolves: start w/ 5% and end with 16%. Prussia is the most powerful state in continental Europe. It has become the potential hegemony that Britain should have been focusing on (they didn’t) o World wealth: US shows huge gains in world wealth while Britain declines US is far ahead in latent power by the 20 th century o So Germany + A-H vs. UK + France + Russia are about evenly matched by 1913 1894: Franco-Russian alliance (no Poland) o Germany bordered by Russia and France o Russia increasingly worried about what happens in the Balkans (the two Eastern questions) 1. What happens when the Ottoman empire declines? 2. What happens when A-H empire declines? Russia depends on the Black Sea (thus access to Mediterranean) to trade grain so they can industrialize o Both Russians and Germans fear encirclement Germans are good with the A-H, trying to prop up the Balkans Russia allies with France 1987: Kaiser Wilhelm proclaims a “world politic” policy o Germany is the only European country w/o an empire b/c before, Prussia was not a major power o 1 st arms race in history = naval arms race b/w Britain and Germany at turn of 20 th cent o Want to build its fleet just enough to not provoke Britain to destroy Germany’s fleet, since Britain is much more powerful o Stronger the Germans become, the more France, Russia, and Britain are brought together o Double entente o UK enters alliance with France 10 years later. They do not have a defense pledge to France before WWI (part of the problem) Alliance structure before WWI: o Germany + A-H + Italy (1% world wealth, flaky) = Triple Alliance
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1-24-11 WWI - WWI BOP Germany and Russia are rising Need to...

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