2-09-11 - 2/9/11 – Causes of WWII in Asia • Causes of...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/9/11 – Causes of WWII in Asia • Causes of the war in Europe start WWII; connects to why war in Asia starts • 1. Intro to war in Asia o Japan: 12% US GDP o China: Japan’s victim and a weak state o Korea: main victim of Japanese expansion into Asia o USSR: also trying to expand to Korea o British, French, and Dutch empires on the wing. o US not a big player in Asia; becomes one b/c of WWII • 2. Chronology of war b/w US and Japan o 1894-95: Japan defeats China o 1905: Japan defeats Russia in Russo-Japanese war decisively o 1917: Japan conquers Korea o End of WWI: Japan clearly seeks hegemony in SE Asia; becoming an imperial power. Want Manchuria, Korea, China, and outer Mongolia, islands like Taiwan, Pescadores Don’t dominate Asia interwar years b/c other great powers (Russia, UK, US) try to contain it in the interwar years o Japan expands into the late ‘30s o 1931: it occupies all of Manchuria and makes it a puppet state called Manchuko o 1932: Japan controls both Korea and Manchuria, b/c Japanese need raw materials o 1937: Japan invades large portions of coastal China but cannot eliminate Chinese resistance o 1938: Soviets defeat Japan in a battle o 1939: Soviets defeat Japan in a very short war o 1940: Japan needs to expand more (Chinese and Russian troubles) but on the defensive o Fall of France in 1940 + Operation Barbarossa in 1941 (German invasion of Russia) Dec. 1941: Germans on outskirts of Moscow = why the US is very concerned with Japan Fall of France collapse of Dutch, French, and British imperial power in SE Asia • = very bad news for US which wants to contain Japan • Also this forces UK to focus on the European continent o RAF = aerial battle over Britain meant to erode British defenses in preparation for Operation Sea Lion. But Germans lose and Sea Lion never happens o Sept. 1940: Japanese are careful and only occupy part of French Indochina o July 1941: Japanese occupy all of Indochina...
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2-09-11 - 2/9/11 – Causes of WWII in Asia • Causes of...

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