2-16-11 - Last thing that turns the table on the Germans:...

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Last thing that turns the table on the Germans: Lend-Lease from US to Russia Allies have 3:1 superiority in firepower, 5:1 superiority in armor Feb ’43: Lost Stalingrad Later ’43: lose battle of Kursk End of ’43: Germans knew they would lose Soviets begin pushing back Germans Principle cause of this: revolution in Soviet command, operational tactics o Difficulties of combining different techniques o Less control by Stalin 4 th period Dec ’43 to May ’45: Soviets push back the Germans to Berlin Allies launch D Day in June ’44 and press hard to meet the Germans halfway through Europe Late ’43: Allies have air superiority in the east (key) In the 18 th months of the 1 st 2 periods of the war: Soviets stop the Germans at huge costs of men. Next suffer lots to liberate captured Soviet territory. The last 18 months = advancing through German land. Total, 29mil Russian casualties Conclusions of the war in the eastern front: o Why did the Soviets suffer huge initial defeats? o 1. Political and psychological surprise (Stalin though the Germans would not attack in ’41. Stalin mistrusted British intentions) German deception plan o 2. Institutional surprise Red Army was in the middle of a restructuring. It was growing very quickly, had suffered purges Stalin’s leadership style on officer community o 3. Military surprise Very poor plans, no provisions for initial successful German attack o Why did German lose the war of attrition with the USSR? 1. Soviets learned how to fight armored wars before they ran out of people. 2. Hitler micromanaging 3. Inexhaustible resources of USSR of manpower. And USSR masters of mass production (though of shoddy equipment) with lots of unskilled labor without Stalin’s ruthless industrialization of the ‘20s and ‘30s is the only reason Europe is not controlled by the Nazis later. Causes mass famine in the Ukraine (b/c Stalin needed to sell grain to foreigners to get machinery), moving people Output of Soviet workers in the war incr. 9 times from ‘30s to end of WWII o Allies contributed in 3 ways: 1. Opening of western front
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2. Strategic bombing against Germany which emphasized tactical air bombing decr. German ability to make equipment and draw away German airpower from eastern front 3. Lend-lease program that after ’43 supplies the USSR very well Giant transfer of $ from fed gov’t to American public from USSR and UK. US lends $ to Allies who buy US equipment USSR would have been able to win anyway (clear after Barbarossa defeated) but it would have taken longer if the US had not come in Naval war in the Pacific
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2-16-11 - Last thing that turns the table on the Germans:...

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