3-02-11 - Interests threats strategy Interests of the US in...

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3/02/11 Interests threats strategy Interests of the US in dec. order: o #1 is defense of homeland threat is USSR (terrorism today) Isolationism o 2 nd interest: prevent great power war in other parts of the world threat is USSR in Cold War (today - ?) + offshore bal o 3 rd interest: oil threat in Cold War was USSR (today – rogue regimes, terrorism, anything that prevents stable oil) + Selective engagement o 4 th interest: trade threat in Cold war was USSR (had different economic order and uninterested in free trade) (today – terrorism, ?) + sel engage o 5 th interest: spread of democracy and human rights and prevent civil wars In the Cold War, USSR (today- rogue states) + Collective security o 6 th interest: protection of global environment + Col sec o Lexical priority – you only worry about B once A is fully achieved o Primacy = would take care of all of the above 1. Fragility of int’l system change of strategy? o European way = collective security. Trouble in other places may come back to bite you and threaten goal #1 Vs. o Isolationists have very robust perception of int’l system (#1 interest may not be conflicted w/ war b/w Nazis and Soviets) 2. One’s view of how states deal with expanding powers o One view: States bandwagon. The more powerful you are, the more states side w/ you. Hegemon is the key to the stability of system want an int’lly proactive state. Action does not cause reaction. Primacy: the more you use your power abroad, the more friends you have o Other view, of structural realist: balancing. Want a less all-encompassing view of what your strategy should be.
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3-02-11 - Interests threats strategy Interests of the US in...

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