3-23-11 - 3/23/11 Unipolar system has 3 aspects: o 1. State...

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3/23/11 Unipolar system has 3 aspects: o 1. State system, not an empire Rome was an empire: peripheries incorporated in the same structure as the center 2. Ordered by a principle of anarchy Recall, spectrum: multipolar to bipolar to unipolar to hegemonic o Hegemon can control everything everywhere; NOT the same as unipolar System becomes hierarchical rather than anarchical 3. 1 great power US has had a preponderance of power since the end of the Cold War in military power This situation is unique in modern history o Napoleonic France had more land power but Britain’s sea power was greater; bipolar o US after WWII had nuclear weapons, but USSR had superior conventional power US is only 4.5% of the world’s population and produces 20-25% of the world’s GDP o 2 nd is China (1/3 the American economy), Japan 3 rd Military gap: is even greater than economic o Even excluding costs from Iraq & now Libya, US spends more than half the global expenditures in defense o (Libya: US airpower used in 3 days = 1/10 of the first hour of the Iraq war) o US acquires a first strike capability vis-à-vis Soviet nuclear forces. B/c of US funding, USSR still has an arsenal (US didn’t want weapons to fall into wrong hands). Russia now spends 4% of what US spends. China spends 7.5% of the US defense budget (1/12 th ). o US spends in military R&D > what China spends overall on its military o US regulates the commons = parts of the world under the sovereignty of any state (high seas, space) US navy, most powerful in the world. Before when UK navy was best, it was as strong as navies 2+3. Today only counting tonnage, US navy > other 17 navies combined. o US has the only GPS satellite system and has prevented Europe from launching its own; has precise launching capability o So what kind of world are we in? Unipolar, multipolar, or in a world that BOP no longer matters? No consensus b/c great power defined in different ways.
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3-23-11 - 3/23/11 Unipolar system has 3 aspects: o 1. State...

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