3-30-11 - 6 national interests threats to that today 1...

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3/30/11 1. Homeland o WMD + terror 2. Maintain great power peace o [Regional hegemons – i.e. China in a few decades. But this is not relevant currently] 3. Oil o Middle east Connected to WMD+ terror. Sources of terrorism is from autocratic regimes in ME propped up by US power because we need the oil 4. Open trade o [Economic nationalism – not really relevant either] 5. Democracy + human rights o Dictators and civil wars 6. Environment o Fossil fuels During Cold War, USSR was the main threat to the first 5 nat’l interests Today the 4 non-bracketed are related to flow of oil and power in ME Since end of Cold War, how has US dealt with these threats? o Bush Sr. = manages transition after Cold War very well and realizes he must expand US power peacefully but as far as possible Kuwait War meant to indicate that you can’t use military power without the US greenlighting it Only war of Bush, very popular war We go into the Gulf War w/ everyone predicting 10,000 casualties. But Bush administration persuades everyone to go to war to liberate this tiny state at the cost of 10,000 (there are actually 146). Perception of the usefulness of military power that is lesser than is fair This war goes so well that perception is that we can do anything we want w/ power. But Bush was very prudent and after winning Kuwait, didn’t go into Iraq (would have been very messy) Dick Cheney was instrumental in making sure that US didn’t go to Iraq in 1991 1 st Bush administration was very prudent. Testing the waters once the Soviets are gone Expanded NATO (backtracking in promises to Russians) Defense planning guidance for 1992 that was leaked to the press by Paul Wolfovitz showed debate within the administration What you see in 2001-2009 Bush doctrine is here US will use its power to prevent the rise of a rogue state and nukes
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3-30-11 - 6 national interests threats to that today 1...

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