4-04-11 - 4/04/11 Kuwait war, Kosovo perhaps and lessons...

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4/04/11 – Kuwait war, Kosovo perhaps and lessons Run up to 2000 elections until 9/11, Bush’s approach to foreign policy was very prudent o Criticism of the Clinton administration of being too involved in int’l affairs 9/11 changed the administration’s worldview Goal before 9/11:prevent emergence of peer competitor After: 1) terrorism o 2) rejection fo status quo in rogue states o 9/11 result of terrorist network and existence of states that harbor terrorists US power greater than in Cold War. US has leeway to worry about smaller threats o Because of power preponderance, you can now deal with “smaller” threats than great power threats Bush doctrine: o US has typically reacted to surprises (like 9/11) by increasing the realm of national interests in order to preclude future surprises, rather than retrenchment o Shift to the Bush doctrine is grounded on 4 realities that sustain this vigorous approach to int’l affairs: 1) US power is unprecedented; goal to maintain military power 2) Go after terrorism . Threats were accurate (but were they at a high enough level to go after?) 3 ) Prevent rogue states from acquiring WMDs . US can extend its power preponderance, and can do so by extending what it calls “freedom” – western-style democratic capitalist systems Rogue states are neither capitalist nor democratic 4) From previous realities of primacy, rising threats US has systemic responsibility to prevent the rise of a competing power o Preemption vs. prevention Bush talks about preemption. His opponents say his strategy is prevention Preemptive war does not matter about who uses force first. US has before used force first (Vietnam, Korean War). Preemption means striking an opponent that has not yet used force but is mobilizing its military power for a military attack Preemption = Germans declaring WWI when Russians mobilize Preventing opponent from acquiring the capability to attack you Preventive war is not considered a just war. In post Cold War world, you can’t wait. Bush administration saw WMDs +
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4-04-11 - 4/04/11 Kuwait war, Kosovo perhaps and lessons...

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