4-06-11 - 4/06/11 1. Kosovo war in 1999 2. Afghanistan war...

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4/06/11 – 1. Kosovo war in 1999 2. Afghanistan war in 2001 (ongoing) 3. Occupation and insurgency Kosovo o History B/w ethnic Albanians and Kosovo Serbians. Serbian leadership Very few Serbs living in Kosovo 1995: 99% of ethnic Albanians vote for independence from Serbians; KLA (Kosovo liberation party)emerges in 1996 Summer 1998: Serbian army goes into Kosovo to deal with KLA, but pulls back in a short time. The West does not reign in the KLA Fall of 1998: Milosovich adapts the Serbian army to conduct Albanian cleansing activity (rather than battle combat) Serbs have 4,000 troops and 100 tanks in Kosovo. Small clashes in January 1999 and US begins to take an interest b/c it had been at forefront at Dayton Accords (Ohio) and thought it was a great diplomatic success for Bosnia. US thinks we can implement a solution similar to Dayton, diplomatic. o US sets agreement terms: Serbs reject them, US bombs them 1. End of violence. 2. Serbs will not continue to have military forces in Kosovo 3. Kosovo has highly autonomous provincial gov’t 4. Independent referendum in 3 years 5. 28,000 NATO peacekeepers 6. Return of all refugees Conflict in which we can test our airpower o 1. Does airpower do the job? 2. Punishment, denial, decapitation? o Serbia rejects the agreement knowing the US is more powerful. Milosevich’s strategy for the war: political strategy: 1. Use NATO collateral damage to stir up opposition in NATO own countries 2. Take advantage of Russian diplomatic support to try to extract the better deal 3. Use Kosovar Albanian refugees as a way to stop the war (force a mass exodus of Albanian) 4. Use military action in Kosovo to destroy the KLA and make NATO’s supporting role of airpower meaningless o Military strategy: 1. Destroy KLA 2. Use diplomacy to make sure NATO only conducts an air war 3. Expel the Albanian population (then you can run independent referendums and do everything else NATO wants)
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o 1. Why do we fail to coerce Serbia in March 1999? 2. Why did war end in June 1999? Why airpower failed to coerce in the first phase of war (Serbians expel
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4-06-11 - 4/06/11 1. Kosovo war in 1999 2. Afghanistan war...

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