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PSet_05 - Spring 2003 10.450 Process Dynamics Operations...

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Spring 2003 10.450 Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control Problem Sets - 5 In an effort to get a better idea of the behavior of dynamic systems, we should put the computer to work. Get these Matlab files: sim450 - a script that maintains running arrays of a disturbance variable, a manipulated variable, a set point, and a controlled variable. It also plots these on scrolling axes, resembling a monitor in a plant control room. f_moni - a function that sets up the monitor window f_dist - a function that sets up a GUI to deliver the disturbance variable to sim450. The disturbance can be input with a slider, or supplied from a suite of standard disturbances. Running sim450 as received will show changes you make to the disturbance variable. Your job is to adapt sim450 to calculate the controlled and manipulated variables, as well. 1. Code in a first order process that responds to the disturbance variable. Explore its response for various disturbances. Can you observe the expected behavior of amplitude and phase shift with changing disturbance frequency? Vary the gain and time constant. Verify to your
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