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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2003 10.450 Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control Problem Sets - 8 1. You have an 1800 kg h-1 stream of hexane at 100°C. Calculate the pressure drop for a fullyopen valve of Cv = 17. 2. Environmental disaster! There was a spill of BaD4 StUF 2 from a tank; you are required to estimate the magnitude of the release. From checking the records, you find that the valve was open at 40% for 17 s, that it is an equal-percentage valve whose characteristics are represented by a rangeability of 40, and Cv is 23. The tank was under nitrogen blanket at 1.2 atm absolute, the temperature was 45°C, liquid level was 80%, ambient temperature was 8°C. Liquid properties are density 926 kg m-3 , heat capacity 3270 kJ kg-1 K-1 , surface tension 15 dynes cm-1 . nozzles for level indicator 4.8 1.1 2.3 dimensions in m Line had been opened here for maintenance, but not blanked off. Procedure violation! 1.6 3. You are checking out a flow control loop for instability. You find that the maximum slope on a plot of flow fraction versus valve opening (thoughtfully left for you by your predecessor) is 1.8. If the full installed capacity of this valve is 35 gpm, what is the maximum gain you will encounter in the valve transfer function? 1 ...
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