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PSet_08 - Spring 2003 10.450 Process Dynamics Operations...

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Spring 2003 10.450 Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control Problem Sets - 8 1. You have an 1800 kg h -1 stream of hexane at 100°C. Calculate the pressure drop for a fully- open valve of C v = 17. 2. Environmental disaster! There was a spill of BaD 4 StUF 2 from a tank; you are required to estimate the magnitude of the release. From checking the records, you find that the valve was open at 40% for 17 s, that it is an equal-percentage valve whose characteristics are represented by a rangeability of 40, and C v is 23. The tank was under nitrogen blanket at 1.2 atm absolute, the temperature was 45°C, liquid level was 80%, ambient temperature was 8°C. Liquid properties are density 926 kg m -3 , heat capacity 3270 kJ kg
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