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BAMFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL SHORT / MEDIUM TERM PLANNING SHEET TEACHER: AP/LH/MK CLASS:6/7/8 DATE:WK BEG: 16/04/07   NC POS- Level/Pitch Time LESSON OBJECTIVES (What knowledge, skills and  understanding will the children  learn during the lesson?) ACTIVITIES & DIFFERENTIATION (WHAT WILL THE CHILDREN DO?) Unit 3f Lights and Shadows PUPILS WHO HAVE EXCEEDED LEARNING OBJECTIVES PUPILS WHO HAVE NOT ACHIEVED LEARNING OBJECTIVES Unit 3f Lights   and  shadows of 10 Level  2a  – 3a To review existing knowledge of light and shadows. To know that s h ad ow s  ar e   for m e d  wh en light  travelling fro m  a  s ourc e  is  To  be  able  to make  and   record  observations  and  to  present  information  in  drawing  and  writing. INTRODUCTION  AND MAIN ACTIVITY Lesson 1 Explain  to the  children  what the  topic  is all about  and  go  through  on  the  flipchart  what they  will be  learning  over  the  next  half term.   (V,A) Show  on  the  board  the  start of the  concept  map,  ask  chn  what they  know  already  that we  can  put on  the  concept  map.   In their book  chn  are  going  to create  their  own  mind  map  of what they  know  about  lights  and  shadows.  Remind  chn  they  can  draw   pictures. Discuss  with the  chn  what they  have  put in their concept  map,  invite  a  few  chn  to show  and  explain  their  map.   (V,K) Hold  an  object  up  in front of the  IWB, ask  the  chn  what has  happened ?  Establish  the  object  has  made  a  shadow.  Ask  the  chn  how  it has  made  a  shadow.  Establish  that it is   blocking  the  light so  it makes  a  shadow.   (V) Explain  to the  children  they  are  going  to explore  shadow  formation  using  torches  and  objects  of different  shape s  and  different  materials.  Show  flipchart  and  as  a  class  begin   to write  up  the  investigation,  going  through  the  what are  we  trying  to find out, prediction,  equipment  need ed,  diagram  and  how  will we  record  the  results.   Demonstrate  holding  a  torch  at 50cm;  place  an  object  5cm  from  the  torch,  ask  a  child  to draw  round  the  shadow  created.  Repeat  but this  time  hold  the  object  10cm   away  and  draw  round.    (V,A,K) Lesson  2 Recap  demonstration  of the  investigation  so  all chn  understand  what they  have  to do.  In groups  complete  the  investigation.  Discuss  what   they  notice  about  their drawings,  model  an  explanation  and  c hildren  write  explanation  in their  books . (A,K) Plenary Go  to  http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/scienc e/activities/light_shadows.shtml  invite  the  chn  up  to try and  make  the  shadow  bigger,  then  look  at the  different
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unit3f_lightandshadows - BAMFORDPRIMARYSCHOOL SHORT /...

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